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Smart Move 4 Global Visas is India’s fastest growing visa an immigration consultancy firm. Our network includes Immigration Solicitors and Experts.

Smart Move 4 Global Visas is India’s fastest growing visa and immigration consultancy firm. Our network includes Immigration Solicitors and Experts. So you are travelling on leisure or considering migrating to another country as a professional or opting for investor linked settlement visas, Smart Move 4 Global Visas experts are capable of providing for all of your needs.

In addition to visa and immigration expertise, Smart Move 4 Global Visas also provides a comprehensive suite of services including the following:
  • International Employment Solutions provide you with immediate access to a network of recruitment resources that span the globe

  • Student Academic Services offer personalized assistance in your pursuit of study abroad

  • Investor opportunities in countries of your choice to ensure that you have a business to go when you relocate

To know more about how Smart Move 4 Global Visas can assist you, you can fill in the fee contact us form appended below and a Global Visa professional will be in touch with you.
Corporate Immigration  

Corporate Immigration

Smart Move 4 Global Visas provide Visa application and advisory services to employers and businesses (and individuals) considering migration to the UK and India. We help our clients tackle the most challenging issue of starting a business in a new geography i.e. complying with local immigration requirements in UK and in India.

We represent our clients who have set up or are in the process of setting up operations in the UK.

Obtaining your visa is a matter of law, so a full understanding of the law and how it applies to your circumstances is of vital importance in preparing and submitting a quality immigration visa application.

Immigration Law can be complex; and is continually evolving.

Our Solicitors are often required to analyze, interpret and apply UK legislation, case law and Government policy on a daily basis adding to their legal training and experience. As also for Indian Immigration that is rapidly evolving.

Applicants are often unaware that, in completing a visa application, particular questions and the answers provided to them can be of critical importance to the success of the application. So too is the type and quality of the documentation submitted in support of your visa application.

Underpinning the UKBA's questions and documentary requirements is a set of laws that includes the UK Borders Act 2007, the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009 and Immigration Rules. This legislative framework means that the type and quality of documentation provided to the UKBA can sometimes make the difference between the grant and refusal of your visa application.

We provide advice for:

  • Immigration and Visa advice for newly arriving or start-up business in an overseas market

  • Existing businesses with overseas operations wishing to bring overseas nationals into the foreign operation to work

We advise both Companies and individual employees and their dependents on:

  • The best visas to apply for

  • The visa application process

  • Visa extensions or change of status

The main visas we assist with are:

  • Business visa / Short term Visit visas

  • Work Permit applications

  • Dependent visas

  • Appeals and Administrative reviews

Implications of Poor Legal Advice in Immigration Cases

We have seen firsthand how inadequate legal advice, poor client preparation and shoddy paperwork can turn an otherwise good case into a failed attempt.

The fact that the civil penalty for employers employing illegal migrants in UK is of up to £10,000 for each illegal worker, should prompt Companies seeking help with an immigration issue to be aware of the limitations of preparing their own applications or working with qualified Solicitors

While the cost benefit may seem appealing, but the potential risks involved far outweigh the additional expense of competent legal counsel, especially when potential deportation, denial of visa, loss of employment or heavy civil penalties for the business are at stake.

In many cases, it is not enough to simply rely on the ‘checklist’ of the supporting evidence it expects to be submitted along with your application. In some cases professional advice not to include unnecessary documentation or ill prepared documentation, in your application can have important relevance to the success or failure of your plan to locate to UK / India.

Our experienced UK Solicitors are able to provide you with
  • Clear advice on specific documents to be submitted

  • Effective preparation & presentation of your documentation

What’s more, we continue to provide support once the initial visa has been granted by monitoring of the immigration status of assignees and the respective expiry dates of passports, permits and any other immigration status. In addition at Smart Move 4 Global Visas we offer a flat fee structure to all of our corporate visa service clients and partners, which means there are no hidden costs for further documentation or ongoing policy advice. For confidential and no obligation advice on your UK /Indian immigration matters feel free to contact us today on +91 9819127002 or

Investor Immigration

The changing economic scenario of last few years has given rise to a new class of professionals such as yourself who are seeking new shores not only to expand business operations beyond your own borders but also looking for a different way of life, better education opportunities for your children, or even different weather conditions.

Smart Move 4 Global Visas realize that the growing integration of economies is creating new levels of migration of people between countries. Investment linked visas have steadily gained attention around the world. Whether to fill demands for expertise internationally, or simply to look for, people with the wherewithal to do so, are immigrating in much greater frequency.

At Smart Move 4 Global Visas we have a special Investor focused division.
A country with a rich heritage, beautiful scenery and historic London, one of the worlds’s recognized financial centers. The new rules now enable investors and their families to apply for settlement (the right to remain indefinitely) at an earlier stage.

The United Kingdom offers

• Tier 1 (Investor) Visa - for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals with a net worth of £ 1 million

• Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa – for High Net worth Individuals with a net worth of £ 200,000

• Sole Representative Visa – for Indian companies that have no UK subsidiary, branch or other operation in UK
The United States of America offers Entrepreneurs / Investors an opportunity to get a Green Card through Investment.

Smart Move 4 Global Visas have tie ups with specific Regional Investment Centers who can not only assist in your USA EB5 application, but also invest your monies in projects that can bring you additional returns.

The complexity of investor visas can be gauged by the diversity of destinations that are available and the even wider range of needs of the investor. At Smart Move 4 Global Visas our experienced and qualified legal and immigration professionals ensure that you have selected the right program and that your application meets the highest standards for success.

To know more about these new rules for fast track settlement can help you and your business globally, you can leave your details by filling in the appended form and our Investor Immigration Consultants will call you back.
Immigration Individuals   Immigration for Individuals
Smart Move 4 Global Visas provide comprehensive Visa Advisory & Processing service through a well defined system for a hassle free issuance of Visa for Employees or Professionals. Whether you are employees of a company who has been transferred, or a professional looking for a better quality of life, our staff will be delighted to help you to understand your different options.

As a professional Immigration advisory firm we are familiar with technicalities between different Visa types, we precisely guide you through the specific documentation process for Work, Business, Tourist or Dependent visa.

Obtaining your visa is a matter of law, so a full understanding of the law and how it applies to your circumstances is of vital importance in preparing and submitting a quality immigration visa application.

All our immigration advisors are all highly skilled and qualified. We have experts from several countries all experts in their specific area of Immigration law ready to assist you and your company today.

We provide advice for:

• Primary applicants seeking to move to Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong or Norway, without a job offer

• Primary applicants seeking to move to UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong or Norway, with a work permit

• Dependents of Primary applicants wishing to join the applicants in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong or Norway • Spouse Visas for UK

• Appeals and Administrative reviews (UK)

For confidential and no obligation advice on your immigration matters feel free to contact us today to contact us today on +91 9819127002 or

Why do I need Smart Move 4 Global Visas to process my application

  Global Visa Experts
We often go to ‘specialists’ when we want something done right be it the normal cooking or appointed a lawyer who knows the law intimately. The same should also apply to migration. When an individual decided to migrate – it is a momentous decision, one with a potential to alter the person’s life.

Sure individuals can process their own applications (kind of like reading about your symptoms on Google and then treating oneself) by reading the various guides and publications.

However care must be taken as the guidelines available are vague & generalized in nature.

It is imperative to understand the nuances of what is needed and understand it in the same way that it was intended. A typical application to a consulate represents a single chance of success, given that the lead times for processing could vary from 1 month to 12 months. What is worse than a refusal is a probability of getting a country ban that could possibly close doors to that country and create an adverse immigration record.

At Smart Move 4 Global Visas it is our constant endeavor to ensure that we get it right the first time, our consultants would like to prepare application that have the highest probability of success.

Our Full Representation service at Global Visa Experts ensures that

• your application is completed correctly,

• the appropriate supporting evidence is provided

• a letter of representation is made out to support the application covering every single aspect of the applicable law, regulations and country guidance notes that the immigration officers would be using

• regular follow ups with the high commissions on account of change in circumstances of the applicant or any change in regulations on applications submitted.

A review of the typically failed applications that individuals submit on their own includes:

Incomplete information: ranging from simple typos or just plainly forgetting to input relevant data

Lack of documents: sometimes applicants miss out on submitting documents that are considered not important from their perspective, but could be relevant from case officers perspective

Inadequate Preparation: Lack of awareness or taking information for granted can result in inadequate preparation, also the applicants may not be aware of the kinds of validating documents to support their application.

Too much reliance on forums: A lot of well meaning advice on the forums could lead to problems, as that information could be relevant to the person and may not be applicable to the current case.

Falling for ‘guaranteed’ visas: Granting of a visa is at the discretion of the relevant case officer, at best a true professional can file an application with the ‘highest’ merits. There is no point in believing tall claims of guaranteed results from providers who have nothing to do in your application

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